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Riding… with Maria!

It could only be called Maria!

We all know how difficult it can be to choose a name! There is something definitive about the choice! It's something that stays with us forever – whatever "forever” is, or for as long as it lasts!” – The choice, because it involves decision, creates in itself an uncertainty and dissatisfaction... we want it to be unique, strong, binding to the objective, to the character, to life...

Choosing is not easy! Making a decision, is even more difficult! We tend to look for consensus and unanimity!

But does it really have to be this way?

For this group of friends, unanimity, consensus, third-party approval was was not at all intended. It would limit the concept, the project, the imagination! This gang was not born, much less made, to have ties, commitments and other social handcuffs.

They took the opposite path. Create a free brand, with a “loose wheel” and a “giant swell”. A totally free and uninhibited brand ready to tear down prejudices, not looking for approval, consensus or compromise.

It was 2010 and this “gang” (easy, it's not one of those! This is a really cool gang!) with lots of swag and always #hittingtheroad, passionate about skateboards, surfing, custom motorcycles, music and art, had just “brought to life” the Maria Riding Company.

Maria… a universal and traditional name, yet typically Portuguese (which according to themselves), many may consider “silly” for the context and markets where it operates (something to which these guys literally don't give a damn). But it turned out to be the chosen one… contemporary and one that reflects who they are.

The brand was not launched (in the strict and traditional business sense) in the market. It popped up, grew and continues to grow gradually, fluid as water, safe as an old but reliable engine, intuitive as a woman (or wasn't it Maria). Maria grew up by developing projects, ideas and concepts that her founders liked and wanted to do… if they liked it, someone out there on the street would! This is the audience they want… and they have it!

After so many projects… another woman stood out… “Eva”, a Yamaha XS 600 which played a very important role in Maria's life (but there it is…), all projects are unique and that ended up giving Maria her strongest character trait… “we design, we create, we build”.

This is how this beautiful woman “signs”.

The hard work and irreverence of doing what you like, without seeking approval from anyone, ended up bringing recognition and some mentions and awards, which for the Maria Riding Company team, bring little to what really matters in the world they are in. inserted. Of course they smiled and were happy with all that, but the biggest smiles are in their day-to-day lives and in the freedom they have to create and build their own destiny.

Having been pioneers, they watched from the front row as this market grew. They "surfed" the first wave of the movement, which allowed them to live unique experiences, meet incredible people, make friends… there are, according to them, many good professionals in the area, as well as excellent projects.

Maria's gang, like any surfer, continues to search for the "perfect wave", the one you share with friends, but you do not tell where it is. A place where they will be even happier, even if it's half a meter "on-shore"... to get there, just on a dream bike...

Which one?

It doesn't matter, because it can always be the next one, as long as it's old, powerful and costumed because, (in case you've forgotten), Maria has her own personality… and there's nothing more #hittingtheroad than being your own boss: we design, we create, we build! (remember?)

More about Maria Riding Company: Website / Facebook / Instagram

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