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Reflections of a purple evening

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

A sunny and warm Sunday… the wind preferred other stops. Blue sky… In the distance, the end of the day anticipates one of those sunsets with a purple sunset.

Between the chirping of birds and the sound of children playing in the neighboring yards, a pan flute can be heard. A knife sharpener announces your arrival. The myth says – if it really is a myth – that when a grinder announces itself, bad weather will come.

It is the antechamber of this rain that came to wash the streets and fill the streets with colorful hats. There are rubber boots on the children's feet, foam on the asphalt, hurried steps in an attempt to pass through the raindrops – an old woman (lololololol), an Indian technique to escape the “wet”. There is a gnashing of teeth as a complaint with the wiper blades that for “clean” already only have the name since the rubber dried by the summer sun only drags on the windshield.

There is also a constant idea. A fear! A fear! These days, loved ones are going through the hardships of a virus that stubbornly in the media continues to call “the new Corona Virus”. Soon it will be December and it will be a year since its discovery was announced… what is still new in this “animal”? Nothing… not its worsening, not new vaccine discovery, not even the number of lives it takes or new cases that grow at a Guinness World Record pace every day.

From the hospital arrive new improvements, but nothing definitive yet. Once more fear. Once again the thought of Carlão's way – I would like to be an animal to eat the animal that eats you – but I am not, nor can I simply believe that it will disappear in a snap of my fingers. Well liked! But it will be what it has to be. These days, life goes on. Not hugging, not being, not doing, not sharing, no, no, no… it is (here yes) the new way of being, the new way of loving, the new way of living. It's all a matter of readaptation, they say... since man is an easily adaptable being, it would not be difficult to relearn how to live, but no... man is an animal of habits and among them washing hands, using a cloth over his face or simply keeping distances are not habits you have. These days, there are prayers, promises. There are dreams and projects postponed. There is everything, but there is nothing! Without knowing it, before the “new illness” we were happy without knowing it. The hug had no other consequence than that it was pampering and love. To be was to love! And smiling was a carefree way of being in life. Now we smile with our eyes, they say. Do we smile? Let's go smiling! Hidden by patterned blue or colored cloths. No doubt we'll get used to it! For relearning! For discovering a cure or any form of control other than a “shot” of bleach down your throat (there's always an idiot!).

The rain will pass, the calm will come (myth), the wellies will be slippers, the hats will be caps, the hugs will be love, and we, I hope, will have learned something … if only to be happy and to be #hittingtheroad doesn't cost that much so much!

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