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Night out with the offspring

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Because one should start taking curves at an early age, this weekend the offspring took to the road with me at night – the road was also short – to watch the always lively performance of a friend, or... Uncle , as we all are now to our friends' children.

It's not every day that a first grade school kid gets to go on a night out with his dad, but the truth is that this parent isn't like everyone else and, with weight and measure, doesn't reject opportunities to go out of the box with the offspring and... give her the world!

The show began with the attentive child, cell phone in hand, recording the Uncle's performance (poor man, with the sheet holder covering his face), and waiting for “a music requested”. Shyness prevented her from making the musical commission, but, like any father, I went there to help her in one of the many first curves she will have to negotiate in life. Sure enough, the Uncle's answer came with the desired “Não Sou o Único" (Xutos & Pontapés)... Accompanied by the child from start to finish.

It didn't take long for the end of the night to come, but not before I stopped by the door to listen to one last song: “É Isso Aí” (Ana Carolina and Seu Jorge). Embracing the child, emotionally singing the song in her ear, absolutely certain that one day she will know that what she heard from me, out of tune, is what I feel and I live with her, for her. And I really don't know how to stop, I don't even get tired of doing it... Or I wouldn't always be “hitting the road”.

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