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Karibu Safari – welcome to the adventure

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

When drivers and machines dare across the savanna, the adventure takes on new meaning.

From 2002 to present day, a lot has changed in motorsport around the world, particularly in rallying. One of the things that has changed, for the happiness of many, is the return of the Safari to the WRC calendar. A long-awaited return, for which much effort has been put in.

A comeback that delivered Safari and all of its beauty back to today’s World Rally Championship calendar. Far, far away from those endless events of yesterday, historically over 1,000 competitive kms, that made Safari rallies more of an endurance event than sprint serving as inspiration for the today’s Dakar events. In comparison, Safari Rally 2021, like all rounds of the WRC, has only 320.19 km in total, spread over 10 venues and totalling 18 Specials Stages.

But don’t think the Safari is no longer what it used to be. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Apart from the distance, everything else is adventure, everything else is Safari – as it has always been, as we’ve always known it to be.

True to its origins in 1953, the year it was founded as the East African Coronation Safari, held across Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, the 21st century Safari remains a showcase of what sub-Saharan Africa truly is. At least what we, aliens to what is the continent which cradled Mankind, see as Africa. A greatness that expands beyond what the eye can see, a contrast of colours like no other, ravines, gorges and mountains that make us feel small and certain that a rally like this is not for everyone. It's definitely for not for the faint-hearted.

In Kenya, WRC drivers will find extremely fast stages, capable of rivalling those of Finland's infamous tests, but they will also find themselves in stages extremely demanding and hard, like no one has seen in the World Rally Championship since 2002. Stages which will make the WRC stars drive through all kinds of stunning African scenery in which the slightest mistake can put aground any aspiration to triumph.

In the midst of this all, always visible along the route is the inevitable African wildlife either ready to cross the stage at any time, scaring even the bravest driver or simply by the track watching the WRC cars speed by.

Yes, the African adventure is all of this and it's back!

So, as they say here in the local Masai language: Karibu Safari! – Welcome to the adventure! #AiPrasCurvas #HittingtheRoad

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