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Free time – Part 2

It's done! Unik's “nightmare” is over! I've already had my day of Free Time Activities around motorcycles, parts, tools, oils and stuff in the workshop and... No, I couldn't make it to the end of the day with spare parts!

It was, I tell you, a full day, #AiPrasCurvas, in which I felt like a kid again, in which the time spent a long time in my grandfather's workshop came to mind, a workshop with cars, on the side of a road on the outskirts of Vagos and flanked by pine forest. But that's a really old memory – to what matters now, because I had barely crossed the Unik gate and as soon as the presentations were over, I was immediately thrown to the beasts! “You have the tools here, if you need one that you can't find, just say. Now disassemble the chain protector from that bike and the front fender supports!” I found myself on the other side of what I usually do to those who work with me when I'm in exams and, I admit, it gave me pleasure. It's the best way to truly see what people can do, how they react to setbacks and what they do to overcome them. With the task finished, material protected and boxed, screws bagged and tagged, it's time for the fastest promotion ever... A review! The first on the bike. Go... just put in the new oil and change the filter, but it was as close as they'd let me be to an engine. Baby steps! – LOL

The program of activities also included a bit of detailing a new motorcycle for delivery to a customer and the assembly of two or three components on another. There is still a whole world to explore in the workshop – that day may still come – but for a start I could feel a little of what I had been looking for. It's that, in addition to the enjoyment of getting your hands dirty, writing about motorcycles, or cars, and their performance, finishes, etc., it's already been done and redone. Living in the skin, and talking a little about what is done and lives behind the scenes, in the assembly, repair and creation of these machines is something that is not seen much around here. What I can tell you is that I came to the end of a day very well spent with some things learned, with the sincere feeling that I didn't harm anyone's work – in itself it's positive – and to know why the bikes that come out Unik's are as they are... because they are designed and built with soul, relaxation and natural stupidity - as I say about so many things I do in my life - with joy and with a greater concern, which is also mine... "where are we going to have lunch?" Is that to work well, or better, to do a good job, we have to know how to have fun too. To Luís, who has yet to show me how to draw (not teach me that my sensitivity is like an elephant in a crystal shop), to Filipe, who put up with me the most, to Constantino, who installed an engine gigantic on a motorbike while I was disassembling two things, to Mr. Zé, who when he doesn't have the parts, makes them calmly, and to Alexandre, who has come from far away, thank you very much for the opportunity. To Tiago, who ran away on vacation so as not to have a heart attack with a guy armed as a mechanic, a provocation... next time you don't need to run away!

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