• Estrada Fora

Free Time – Part 1

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

I've always heard that the difference between kids, always #HittingtheRoad, and us adults, is not age. And it's true. Apart from those of us who, even as kids were already old, boring, we as adults are always kids.

The bastards are a part of us, they don't leave us, and when they do try, there comes a hint of maturity and we immediately strive to make them stay (with)in us indefinitely. I've always heard that the difference between kids – go ahead, complete it – and us adults are toys and… yes, games and their company. But the differences are not just those. They are also the FTA – for those who still don't know what other kids are, besides us running around the house, they are the Free Time Activities. While many kids around this time are beginning to see the end of the holidays and the beginning of FTA, in activity centres or schools, I'm going for my FTA. I've wanted to do it for a long time, it had to be something unique and, finally, I did it. Not only in the activity, but also in the place, which is unique in the name. Without great fears (at least at first sight), but certainly with preventive measures, like cataloging parts and tools, Unik there opened the door for me to a day of Free Time Activities in the workshop, around motorcycles to assemble and disassemble , engines to open and close... In short, a whole dream world for any kid who likes engines and who always wanted to see how many extra parts are in an engine and are useless. The adventure begins and, meanwhile, there are headaches that are already starting to be felt and many shivers all the way up your back! Tools and screws, get ready, you are about to experience a new reality.

(Photo: Unik Edition)

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