• Estrada Fora


There are days when you wake up, slowly, and feel like something is calling you from far away. You open an eye, you listen and you discard it. You think you are in in a dream and you turn around in bed. But the call persists, insists. And you turnover again, you even hide your face in the warmth of the pillow, in vain hope the calling fades away and cease.

But no! There is something that worries you, that stirs you from the depths of your being, that hypnotizes you and leads you to abandon the bed, adamant like never before, with a rare energy, with an immense strength capable of moving mountains, moving the world.

That's when you know, when you realise it's the road that’s calling for you. It’s not a calling to go and stay, it’s a calling just to go, to be, to pass by and comeback. And then you go out with what you’re wearing, a few change in your pocket, water and coffee to feed your spirits and accompany you on the route.

Ahead, over 1,000 km to do all by yourself and with your favorite soundtrack. All because what moves you is the journey, just going, nothing else. It’s not about asking, nor thanking, because you have not begged for anything either. And you go, with the unwavering certainty that you will be back home in time for dinner. And in the first meter of the more than a million meters that lies ahead, you feel the goal is fulfilled, the calling is over, you no longer hear it, but you follow it!

You tear the country from south to north, you fill your eyes every change, every metamorphosis that the landscape offers you, as you witness every whim of the weather. And so, you find yourself On the Road crossing the border and drive on, ever closer to the origin of the calling, ever closer.

And then you arrive! You leave the car and you take to the street on foot, which is also part of the route. And, behold, you come across what moved you from bed five hours before, and you wander around it, step on the mark of arrival, look in contemplation, and enter. You sit down and, through all the buzz, you feel a silence of your own. You talk to yourself, with the one that made you go, and you tell yourself, you tell the one that’s on your mind:

"That's it, it's over! It was nothing, just a mishap on the road, because if was anything else none of this would have been. Because we have in us all the strength in the world to overcome all adversity. We just don't know how to use it, we just don't know how to find it every time because often we consider ourselves weak and powerless... without being it!"

And, a few minutes passed, you go out, you turn your back and head back home for dinner. At the table, already at close to home, just like on the trip, you feel the company of all the emotions that led you to a coffee in Santiago de Compostela, the joy leaving there the souvenir you’ve made, full of knots, the knots that make friendships which accompany us for life. And you feel complete, one with the way you live and feel your spirituality, your belief that in each of us lies the strength to overcome everything that lies ahead.

Because the most important thing is always to go, not so much how, or why, but to go, because the road calls, as much as life which is nothing more than a path made every day.

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